a victim of her own responses (heartofmercury) wrote in duetotannins,
a victim of her own responses

also, for inspiration

this is the worst poem in history. it was written about me when I was, I think, 15 or 16? I claim no responsibility for what it says about me, as he made it all up out of nowhere. please also note the absurd lack of meter or anything coherent. the last line is the best/worst, as well as the random store metaphor.

her stage

did you see her on that podium yesterday?
a debater, a dictator, a procrastinator for sure
pleasantries aside
focused on the challenge at hand
sly enough to never allow the others access to the brain, to the bloodshot pain crawling into her angel view, if they only knew
her laughter covering the necessary fear
but for today it's trophies and circuses
window shopping with one eye open
her finger on that one thing
it's always outside her reach
and it looks like another 8 hours' bus ride today

hope you're happy with the hell on wheels
never got to ask her if she was bitter
did she ever miss out on the formidable years?
but as her life turned, the tears churned
to be someone else, to be somewhere else
I didn't understand what you were asking for, certainly can't understand what the hell you were always screaming for
but you were so damn polite
when you were shot into the limelight
can't turn around now
the store is closing and you have nothing to wear
I laughed as you tore down the closed sign
completing the war dance in your opponent's nightmare
you never fell down then
and now look at you with that permanent smile
a silent sigh and a magic style
nothing but a champion, a daughter, a friend til the end.
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