THE NEW SCOTT BAIO (donquixote) wrote in duetotannins,

Dr. Fujimori

Dr. Fujimori walks the
hallways always wearing
his dirty white labcoat,
one hand strangling the neck
of a gigantic Ehrlenmeyer
flask, the other conspicously
in his pants. None of the
girls ever wants to sign up
for his section of chemistry,
and it's either because he's
a freak or because he's dead
sexy. The answer really depends
on who you ask -- the girls,
or Dr. Fujimori. The fact of
the matter is that both sides
regularly use the phrase
"Bunson Burner" as innuendo.
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I. love this. I love it I love it I love it I love it.

If we had been in a creative writing class together, and you brought this in to critique, I'd have flung this poem down on the floor, thrown myself across the circle of desks, and made out with you 'til your glasses steamed.

The last sentence especially. ♥
!!!! And here I was thinking this was a crappy piece of crappiness! We should totally take a creative writing class together.