THE NEW SCOTT BAIO (donquixote) wrote in duetotannins,

Suburban angst boils over at the company picnic.

I found you at the Undercover FBI Agents picnic
stuffing your face with seedless watermelon and
washing it down with a Corona sans lime. Putting
out your secrets on the clothesline to dry, your
Blue team won the kickball tournament, while fat
men on the bench wondered at length and in depth
about who really killed Kennedy. The speculation
continued as you stuffed your face with chocolate
cake. Who might have access to the files from the
assassination? Perhaps Kerner, you agreed. After
all, doesn't he have level six clearance? Yes, he
does. OMG. It was the lamest thing I've ever seen.
I hate you, Dad, and I hate your stupid PT Cruiser.
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